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Saturday December 4
11 am - 12 pm PST
Online + Free

What You'll Learn 

Quality of Light is arguably the most important skill of an elevated photographer. Photography is an art of capturing light, so knowing how light falls on people and objects can make or break the whole story. We'll go over how to work with simple natural light situations to improve your images. 

Who We Are

Girls Photo Club is an online community for women + girls wanting to learn photography, led by lifestyle photographer Margo Moritz. I believe in empowering women through photography - because the world needs a girl's perspective. 

This club is for anyone who identifies as a girl, sorry boys!

Who You Are

You are a woman or girl who wants to be the boss of your camera. You want to improve your photography, and make meaningful images to express yourself. You know it's not about how you look, you want to show the world how you SEE. 

You can have anywhere from no experience to a lot of experience with photography - all you need is a curiosity to learn. 


Margo has over 10 years in the commercial photography world, shooting for magazines, ad agencies, and dance companies. She has taught countless photography workshops and Editorial  Photography at the Academy of Art University. 

Margo started learning photography in the traditional darkroom when she was just 13 years old. Photography became a deeply personal way for Margo to communicate and express herself and she wants to share that gift and empower women young + old with the same tools.  

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