Be A Boss Of Your Camera

LEVEL 1: Let's Get Technical


4 sessions
Saturdays from 10 am - 12 pm
January 8 - 15 - 22 - 29


- How to shoot in manual (f-stops + shutter speeds + exposure principles)

- Technical + Conceptual assignments 

- Level 1 is a pre-requisite to join Girls Photo Club. From there you can take multiple 1-day creative workshops. 



Who We Are

Girls Photo Club is an online community for women + girls wanting to learn photography, led by lifestyle photographer Margo Moritz. We believe in empowering women through creative + technical assignments. 

This club is for anyone who identifies as a girl, sorry boys!

Who You Are

You are a woman - young or old - who wants to be the boss of your camera. You want to improve your photography, and make meaningful images to express yourself. You know your talent isn't about how you look, you're ready to show the world how you SEE. 

You can have anywhere from no experience to a lot of experience with photography - all you need is a curiosity to learn. 


- SLR camera or any digital camera that is able to shoot in Manual mode. (no iPhones) 

- A positive attitude and simple curiosity. Don't worry about anything else, we will have fun!


Once you join Level 1, you will join the community of women + girl photographers. You can post images for feedback and comment on other's images. 

After completing Level 1, you will have access to all the Level 2 creative classes. 

How It Came To Be

Spending as much time on social media as most of us do can make a girl think image is everything. Studies have shows increased time on social media increases depression. 

Girls Photo Club is here to re-empower women of all ages through creativity and personal power. Learning the technical + creative skills of photography builds confidence and reconnects us to the wild spirit within. 

Photography has historically been a Boy's Club, and the world is ready for a different perspective - yours, girl. 


Margo has over 10 years in the commercial photography world, shooting for magazines, ad agencies, and dance companies. She has taught countless photography workshops and Editorial  Photography at the Academy of Art University. 

Margo started learning photography when she was just 13 years old herself. Photography became a deeply personal way for Margo to communicate and express herself and she wants to share that gift and empower young women with the same tools.  


Be in Touch 


– more than 2 weeks 100%

– between 1 - 2 weeks before session start at 50%

– within 7 days of session is non refundable

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